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Chakra based coaching session

Quantum physics tells us that the whole world is made of energy so why are we lacking in it so often?

Would you like your energy field to have a higher vibration and to learn specific techniques to help you work through the parts of your life that are using too much energy?

Our human body is part of the energy system of the whole world we live in.  This universal energy field is often known as chi or prana.  When we are well we are vibrating at a rate which resonates with our divine patterns of health, joy and wellbeing.  If our energy becomes stuck our vibration is lower until we clear it.  Our blockages are all as unique as we are.  Everyone is different and perfect in their own way.  Once these blockages are cleared and the flow is brought into harmony life becomes easier.

Our energy field comes first, we are spirit first.  We form an intention to have a physical life so we can have relationships and develop higher qualities.  We choose the characteristics and understandings we want to develop in this lifetime.

Physical matter is a perception of our senses.  Our whole energy system consists of the physical body, our aura, chakras and meridians.  These are all part of the total functioning of a human being.

Our aura or subtle body is comprised of matter with higher frequencies than our physical bodies.
Our chakras are located in the subtle body. The concept comes from ancient Vedic teachings and the word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel of light.

The chakra system is not a part of any faith or religion as it predates most of them. The energy that causes them to spin is the universal life force which permeates all things…plants, animals, rocks, water, light, fire, earth and also thoughts and emotions.

Chakras are the energy transformers which bring the higher frequency energy down to our body and then it is translated into the hormonal and physiological systems to bring about cellular changes.

When chakras are spinning clockwise they are drawing energy into your energy field to maintain your healthy body, emotions and mental processes.

They should ebb and flow with the energy of life.  They process our vital energy and transform it into a usable form. They are responsible for your health, wellbeing, emotional and physical balance.

The world is a closed system.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed.  Everything is linked through the unified field.  Think how easy it is to be sucked into someone else’s drama.

Our beliefs determine how we experience the world.

  Have you had a Soul Realignment session with me where I mentioned blocks and restrictions in relation to a specific chakra?

  Are you interested in learning more?

Together we can look at your life and work through specific questions and techniques to get your chakras balanced and aligned with your life.

I may also recommend a distance healing session to clear, energise and balance your chakras so that your new choices and the changes to your life come to you more easily.

No time like the present:

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