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How it works?

We all have an energy body. It should be filled with light and love and flowing freely.   We have chakras which are wheels of energy that ebb and flow with the energy of life and meridians that conveys the energy through the body.

Rub your hands together….when you stop you feel a tingling. That is the universal life force. It is the same energy that turns an acorn into an oak tree. All natural things have an energy field.   Every thing you can see, touch, taste, smell and hear is energy. Every thought, emotion and feeling you have is energy and sends out a specific vibration.

As life happens to us the energy in our fields get disturbed. Our thoughts create chemical reactions in our body and these affect us in all sorts of ways.

If this continues for a long time, it can start to manifest in our physical body.

Energy healing can clear these blockages on all levels.

This can help us to respond rather than react to the situations in our lives.   We live in a state of love not fear.

An energy healer can help you to get the life force energy flowing freely again and teach you techniques to keep it flowing smoothly. The energy healer is not doing the healing. They are trained to raise the vibration, to let your body heal itself with it’s natural intelligence. This is like smoothing out the kinks in a hose to unblock the water flow. Energy healing is completely safe as the body will only use the energy that is for it’s highest good.

When our energy body is clear we will be better connected to our intuition and our emotions.

Animals have the same issues as humans except they are even more sensitive.

They also pick up on the emotions and thoughts of the humans they live with. This can be very stressful for them as they may not understand what is going on.

Energy healing can bring them back to a state of love and happiness. They will become happier and stronger.

As the energy body heals this will help the physical body to heal also.

No time like the present:

    Simply select the package you want below and we will send you a PayPal invoice and contact you to arrange your first session.

    What to Expect in a distance healing session:

    First Session:

    The first session is usually by Skype. You will have let me know what you are looking to change in your life. You will have also paid for the session and filled in my client intake form.

    When we start, we will have a brief discussion and I will answer any of your questions. The most usual first technique I use is chelation   (key-lation). This clears, charges and balances your chakras and your energy field.

    You will need to make yourself comfortable on a bed or sofa in yoru house.   I will be placing my energetic hands on your energetic body to help the energy move more easily through your system.

    As you are getting settled I will be energetically clearing the space and connecting with the universal energy. You can lie back with your eyes closed and relax for about 30 minutes. When you feel like getting back up (after at least 30 minutes) you can take your time and sit up slowly.

    I may check your chakras with a pendulum to give me some guidance for the session. You may feel different sensations as I move through the session or emotions may come up. It is important to let these flow through you and out of your system. You may also go to sleep.

    As I do the chelation I will also be using my intuition to gather information about how best to help you in the future. Once I am done, I will make some notes and email you within a few hours with my thoughts and some guidance for the next few days.

    After the Session is finished: You may or may not have felt what was going on but rest assured your energy system is healing itself whether you felt anything or not. It will be important to drink lots of water over the next 24 hours to help clear your system. You may be tired and need to take it easy as your body adjusts to the new flow of energy. If I have been drawn to work on a particular chakra I may pull a chakra card for you with some questions to journal about in the coming days till we talk again, this will be in my follow up email. In subsequent sessions I may also teach you different techniques to do yourself at home or we can work on setting goals and coaching. This is something we decide together.