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Soul Realignment Follow-on Readings


All readings currently at 25% discount – $120
Now you have benefited from your soul realignment reading there are six other reading that you may like to have to help you along your journey!

1. Property soul realignment reading and clearing…

This is a great place to start…help keep your home energetically aligned with yourself and your family.  You have raised your own energy, now do the same for your home.

Your property is an energetic entity. You would have been energetically aligned with the property when you moved into it. Now that you have had a soul realignment reading you may find that you have changed but your property has not. It may feel different or have other energies that are influencing you.

A reading and clearing can sort this out for you.

For example, there may be negative thought forms or anger spears within your property. Think how much better your home would feel without them. This is a really important extra session for making choices in alignment with your soul’s blueprint.


“I will uncover and clear any negative influences in your home.”


“Learn the ways you have chosen for your soul to experience itself as a Divine Being within this lifetime.”

2. Life Lessons Session…

During our first session together, I explained a little bit about your primary life lesson and how it relates to your life.  As you may remember, life lessons are like a theme for your life much like a sun verses snow holiday.

In this session we dive into the details of the lessons, there may be two or even three things that our soul picked for this incarnation and how it wants to experience itself.  You can be experiencing the lesson from a positive or negative perspective.  Knowledge will help you move this to more positive and less negative experiences.


We discuss your primary and secondary life lessons and your level of completion in these.  We are not necessarily just aiming to complete your lessons but it is interesting to see where you are on your journey.

When the life lesson is complete some of the related experiences fade into the background.  We also talk about the current aspect of the life lessons and the areas of life it is showing up in for you at the moment.



3. Extra Energy Centre Analysis

This is fabulous…You learned about your main energy centre in our reading. Now let’s take it further and see how you are doing with bringing that into reality.  How are you applying it on the physical, emotional and mental levels. 

This is all about bringing your divine energy into your life.  What are you actually doing.  Are your choices actually aligned with your gifts?  What could you do differently?  How could you see it differently?  

We will talk about your top two or three energy centres and the amounts of energy you are putting into these.  Maybe you are doing something simple that does not align at all, something that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.  If you are not expressing who you really are, what energy are you expressing?

This is a really practical reading.  Yes, there may be percentages, it makes my inner recovering accountant happy but don’t worry, they all make sense!  So much clarity about your life in only an hour!


“Do you choices align with your divine soul blueprint…an actual analysis!”


4. Chakra Analysis Reading…

Discover the imbalances you are creating in your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Our chakras are the wheels of energy in our energy body that we use to process energetic information.  We have seven of these in our body’s energy fields.  When they become imbalanced our lives become more difficult.

This reading gives you an idea of what areas of your life you are in balance with and which you are forcing.  We talk about the physical, emotional and mental levels.
For example, you may be overactive at your first chakra.  This could lead to hoarding of physical possessions and an over emphasis of security.

It may also mean that you are too involved with your family and depleting your life energy.

You get a great understanding of what is out of alignment in your life which helps with the new choices you are making after your initial reading.

Chakras are not the same as energy centres, although the energies often align, but this brings great understanding of your actions and the consequences.


“Understanding what is out of alignment in your life and making new choices…”




5. Life Situation Reading…

Have a detailed look at what you are creating in your life in this moment and what you would like to be creating instead.

Discover how to move forward.  

When we set up the appointment for this reading, you tell me what is going on in your life that you would like to change.  Everything that is coming up for you in any area of your life can be relevant.  

We can never tell on a mental level which parts of our lives are affecting other seemingly unrelated parts. This creates a reading which is similar to the blocks and restriction part of your initial reading.

More blocks and restrictions are uncovered and cleared and tied together with what is going on in your life.

These are the things that you soul is now ready to let go of. Depending on the blocks uncovered this reading may require you to do a new 21 day prayer. 



 “Better understanding your life situation is the key to moving forward…”

6. How are you using your vital force energy…

Are you feeling full of life or are your dragging?  Learn about the interactions in your life that are draining your energy and what you need to do about them.

When we know the exact energy that is taking us off track and who it is with, life gets much easier.  You have more energy on a day to day basis and you increase the amount of vital force energy you have to play with.

Are you doing things from obligation?  Do you realise that obligation is the only energy you get back from this?  Learning about your negative energy and turning your interactions into vital force energy is life changing! 


Lucy’s reading was nothing short of enlightening. She helped me understand the true nature of my being and gave me tools to live my life with a deeper purpose.  As I implemented her suggestions, I noticed I was sleeping more soundly and handling stress much better. What a gift!


Mental Fitness

When we are physically fit we can do more things with our life and recover faster.  The same applies to mental fitness.  Imagine being able to recover easily from negative emotions and situations.  Check out all the details of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness program….



Disclaimer: I am not a qualified medical practitioner. Any advice given is not meant to replace any medical procedures or treatment. I do not diagnose conditions and all therapies are meant to complement medical treatments. Always consult a medical practitioner if you have any health issues.