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Six Human Needs

The six human needs as defined by Anthony Robbins are

  Love and connection

When we work through these together, you can get an understanding of how you are living your life.

Both the order you are fulfilling these and the ways you are doing this make a huge difference to your life experience. They can also change depending on the different areas of life and the stage of life you are at.

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What to expect

Before the session I will send you a quick questionnaire for you to complete. This should not take more than about your hierarchy of needs analysed and ready to discuss with you.

At the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of your needs and how they are affecting your life both positively and negatively. This can change the course of your future.

In a separate session we can also look at your partners needs and how you are fulfilling these for him/her. This can be done with your partner or just by yourself based on your knowledge and current relationship.

This is not about assigning blame but looking to fulfil their needs going forward to enhance your relationship. We all need different ways to look at the assumptions we have made about our relationships.


No time like the present:

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