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Stress in the Environment

This can be helped by looking at the Feng Shui of your home.

The subliminal messages you are sending to yourself on a regular basis are affecting you all the time.

Feng Shui increases the flow of energy you need to propel yourself forward. It helps to change the way your think, act and feel. At the most basic level working with your personal space to enhance your environment can bring about positive changes.

Your home and office have vibrating energy just like everything else. Anything in your home either enhances or detracts from the easy flow of energy. This flow has a direct impact on your thoughts and emotions.

As you clear and declutter and add beautiful colour to your environment you will attract more auspicious energy and power to your life.

I have studied Feng Shui and dowsing extensively with Marie Diamond (teacher from the movie The Secret) and can help change the energy of your home to uplift and empower you

We are always being influenced by our subconscious

Feng Shui can also be explained by quantum science.

The Ancient Chinese believed that we had three kinds of luck in our lives

Heavenly luck – the luck we are born with (connection with your soul)…soul realignment

Earth luck (created by our environment)..Feng Shui

Human luck (created by what we do in this lifetime)…coaching!

Using simple Feng Shui techniques for your home, together we can change your earth luck in the best possible way.

Looking at the compass directions of our house and what is located in each area can also have a huge impact on your life. Imagine if your success direction happens to be where you stack all your rubbish!

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