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Stress management and relief

Stress is the result of a mismatch between the challenges in your life and your belief in your ability to deal with them.

The pressure can come from outside sources such as:
  Our environment
  Bad food choices
  Over work
  Over exertion
  Lack of sleep

It can also be internal. Emotions which are not dealt with can manifest as disease and illness.
The mental effects of stress impairs our thinking and can lead to even more stress. Learning to change the way we are thinking about a problem can make a huge difference.

Our body acts in the same way regardless of whether the stress is emotional or physical.

I teach the specific techniques of EmoTrance and EFT Heart and Soul to help change your thinking in a moment and bring you back to the even flow.

The most important parts of dealing with stress are firstly to be aware of it and secondly to accept that where you are today is the result of your life experience.

Change is possible but it does not happen all at once. We must accept ourselves in every moment.

Tapping on the EFT points stimulates the flow of the energy through the energy body and makes us feel better.  We measure our energy flow on the SUE scale till we get ourselves to +10.  You can tap on anything and everything to change the way you look at things.

I can help you pick the things you want to work with and help guide you through the tapping points until you are completely comfortable working with them yourself.

Even a couple of rounds of de-stressing can completely change your outlook on whatever is happening in your life at the moment.

I have worked with many people to turn their lives around. We work together to set goals and remove the blockages holding them back. I also love to work with physical aches and pains to help clear your mind and focus you on your new life from a new perspective.

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