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Values Elicitation

Many of our problems in life come from incongruence in our life values.

We have all developed a model of our world based on our life experiences. Many of these were developed when you were a child and were making decisions without enough knowledge of the world.

What you value determines who you are and how you look at life. There is often a conflict within these values and how we decide we have achieved them.

I can work through your values with you, discovering what is important to you in life and what has to happen in order for you to feel each value.  Then we look to see if this makes sense, given your circumstances and stage of life.

 Do you easily achieve your top values or have you set yourself up to fail?

 Do your values reflect how you want to live your life today?

It is also important to look at what has to not happen for you to achieve your top values.

 Is it important to you that everyone agrees with you for you to feel loved? Is this actually possible in life?

Together we can look at how you can fulfil your top values on a regular basis.

In another session, it can also be helpful to look at your away from values. What emotions or feelings would you do anything to avoid. Is your life set up so it is simple to avoid feelings such as embarrassment, stupidity, overwhelm, sadness, anger, guilt or any other uncomfortable feelings you may have.

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    Examples of life Values






      Security – financial or otherwise




















      Making a difference