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“When you change
the way you look
at things,
the things you look
at change.” Wayne Dyer

Live life in your own shoes… follow your joy… be yourself…

Your life may look great on the outside but you may be inwardly be feeling stressed, trapped and lonely.  I’ve experienced that too.  You can’t control the things around you but you can control your reactions to them. 

Your attitude to what you are doing is a choice in every moment.  It can leave you sick, drained and stressed or content, peaceful and free. It’s up to you.  I was caring for everyone else and running myself ragged.  As long as I was focusing on that, I was getting more run down.  I realised I had to make a shift or I would be miserable forever.

Changing this is simple, but I know from personal experience, it is not easy.  There are tools, techniques and strategies that enabled me to change my mindset and to feel great.  

Using the energy chart we can simply establish what your emotional level is in any moment.  It is as easy as picking a number. 

Moving up the chart can be easy and fun!  Life gets so much better at +10.   I can help you get there too.

Star Centred Private Coaching

Release stress and connect to the deep, guiding, loving intelligence inside of you… read more >>

Mental Fitness

Using the simple techniques you learn in The Mental Fitness Program you can raise your energy and increase your joy in life…start with my masterclass … read more >>

Soul Realignment

Truly understand who you are at a soul level and reconnect to your purpose… read more >>

I have known how it feels to go through the motions and not be connected with your true self.  I was miserable and I’m sure that I was making my family miserable too even though I was putting them first.  Now I help women like you to put yourself first and learn to love your life.   I will be here to support you along the way to living life lightly.  Let’s work together to make that shift and move forward with grace and ease.

“O God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.”  – Macrina Weiderkehr