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“There is only energy, and the absence of energy.”

Silvia Hartmann

“There is only energy, and the absence of energy”

Silvia Hartmann

Your Tapping Transformation 

Raise your energy and reduce your stress immediately with powerful tapping techniques.  Then learn to apply them to every area of life to find the success you desire and deserve.  

We all know that life can be overwhelming.  Most of us have what feels like a thousand commitments everyday.  We’ve got work, many of us are parents, so much to do around the house, and then even taking care of ageing parents. 

The bottom line?  We’re under a ton of stress.  Now is the time to take control of your life.

When stress is left unchecked or unacknowledged it can contribute to health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.  Unchecked stress can actually make life feel more difficult than it already is.  It suppresses your immune system so you are more likely to get sick.  On a low level it can lead to headaches, body aches and pains, insomnia, nightmares and even stomach upsets and skin conditions.  I bet you’re experiencing one or more of those things already, right?!

But there IS a better way to deal with stress!  And it may not be something you’ve ever considered, or even understand yet (that’s okay, I’m about to give you all the information). . .


What would it feel like to?

  • improve your energy 
  • think more clearly
  • be filled with more confidence
  • have more fulfilling relationships
  • respond to stressful situations instead of reacting
  • become aware of sensations in your body and understand what they are telling you
  • greater spiritual connection
  • learn how to check in with yourself to reduce stress any time, almost instantly which will start to improve your health

Learning to tap with Lucy was great.  My stress levels went down immediately and I really enjoyed using the SUE scale every day so I could understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling.


Introducing . . . 

Your Tapping Transformation

A 21-Day Mentoring Experience to Get Your Power Back 

Within this program, you’ll learn to use modern energy tapping to your great benefit.  After the very first session of tapping, it is possible to start to transform whatever areas of your life you feel have been holding you back most (including your relationships with yourself and others, your health and your work)!  You’ll have a tool to use whenever you need it.  You’ll be supported by videos and workbooks to complement the private work we will do together…

Even if you have tried another type of tapping or EFT, this way is the best!  No focusing on the negative or setups you may not actually believe, just powerful positives to uplift your emotions.


Learn how to move toward +10 on the Modern Energy Chart where you feel more powerful, energised, intelligent and capable.  You’ll also increase your ability to deal with anything that comes your way.  Tapping has been scientifically proven to clear stress which enables you to make better choices and adopt new more empowering beliefs about your life.

About your Coach:

Hey, how are you?  I am Lucy McCormack and I created “Your Tapping Transformation” online course to enhance my one to one sessions when I realised that my clients would like to have some resources that they can access any time.  They were eager to go on a journey of discovery and learn to tap but then forgot to use it in their daily lives.  They would clear whatever problem brought them to me but then revert back to their original behaviour.  Often they’d be back with the same problems.

When I first learned to tap and experienced how effective it was, I was hooked.  The first thing I managed to do was cure myself of a cold sore.  I could not imagine how this had worked.  I was so amazed by all the benefits I decided to qualify as a EFT Master Practitioner and then as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (using EFT).  Most recently, I became a Modern Energy Tapping Professional (the most up to date tapping method available) and I loved every minute of it.  I have helped myself and my clients through deep seated beliefs and emotions that were holding them back, family drama, work stresses amongst other things.  It was fun!

I use tapping in my life every day.  My mother has been sick for nearly two years with the most incredible ups and downs.  Without tapping, I would not be able to deal with life at all.  I gift myself the energy and love to cope with whatever comes my way and tap again to clear whatever negativity is in my body after I handle the “current crisis”.

The solution to stress, anxiety and negative thinking is here now!  

We start tapping with positive emotions and end up feeling amazing.  No going back to the past to clear old hurts and blocks.  We only focus on how it feels now.  Life, these days, tends to focus too much on clearing the negative, which is unnecessary.  We can clear up the bad memories without reliving them. 

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Some of the many benefits of Tapping

  • No Pills or Chemicals to make you feel better
  • No drawn out ‘Tell me your life story’
  • Usually Rapid, Long Lasting and Gentle
  • Easily learned
  • Easily applied
  • Stop your automatic stress responses

Here’s how it works:

You’ll get an overview as soon as you log in to the course that will help you prepare to make the most of your tapping sessions.  You will be guided through how to book your call with me and then before the call you will get access to the module so that you can go through it and be ready with any questions for our call.

One on one sessions will support you in moving forward, feeling more empowered and creating the best life you can imagine.  They are also fun!  We release any stress you have to start with and then play with the positive emotions you want to feel.  When you apply this to your thinking about life, love and learning, you can move forward with clarity.


Week 1

Just a few days into the program, you will know how to tap and be confident about applying it to your life to feel better immediately.

In Week 1, we focus on  . . . .

  • Learning how to tap.
  • Using the Modern Energy Chart to accurately assess how you are feeling in any moment.
  • Finding some positive words that really resonate with you.
  • Actually pick the times in your life where tapping would be great and have the positives ready to go. 

Included in this week are 

  • Your module of video lessons to watch and tap along with.
  • Your 45 minute Zoom Video session to expand and complete your knowledge.
  • A powerful pdf journal to help you work through the exercises in the videos in more detail.
  • Extra downloadable pdfs so you always have the information at your tapping fingertips.

Week 2

By week two, you will increase the power of your tapping and have more freedom to make better choices.

In Week 2,  we focus on …

  • Adding power to your tapping by using all your senses.
  • Creating your Personal Power Positive to raise your energy in seconds.
  • Tuning into your body sensations and learning to easily understand what they are trying to tell you.

Also included in this week are

  • Your module of video lessons to watch and tap along with.
  • Your 45 minute Zoom session to expand and complete your knowledge.
  • A powerful pdf journal to make notes as you create your Power Positive and feel the sensations of your emotions in your body.

Week 3

By week three, you will learn to “tap” into your future potential and look back at your past with more kindness and forgiveness.

In Week 3, now we have all the foundations for tapping and we focus on … 

  • Learning a new way of looking at how you are feeling and behaving in any moment.  
  • Looking at yourself in the future and sending yourself positives so you can deal with complications with grace and ease.
  • How to give yourself a break when you are not at your best.  
  • Practicing self kindness and self care which is vital to your life because you are the person you spend all your time with!

Also included are

  • Your module of video lessons to watch and tap along with.
  • Your last 45 minute Zoom video session with me to really ensure you continue to transform stress and overwhelm into happiness and success.
  • One more powerful pdf journal to guide you through the model of the world you have learned and starting to work on a goal for the future.


Program wrap up

Once we are finished our 21 days together you will receive…

  • An online course wrap up and ideas for moving forward with all your new information.
  • Links to book some extra Tapping sessions and a discount for Light Centred Coaching.
  • Details on how, together, we can use your tapping knowledge using Matrix Reimprinting to bring your life to a whole new level.

Bonus modules

Week 1 Bonus Module – Procrastination – do you have a long list of things you should be doing?  Sort this out once and for all!

Week 2 Bonus Module – Ill defined words – the energy behind our words changes with our beliefs.  Uncover some simple beliefs that may be holding you back.  

Week 3 Bonus Module – Tapping Meditation – Fabulous exercise to connect to your inner wisdom in a couple of minutes.  Ask the question and let the answer flow.


Your Tapping Transformation includes all of the following…

  1. Video lessons on tapping and ways to use it.
  2. Three 45 minute transformational sessions with Lucy to help you play with all you have learned.
  3. Fillable PDF’s to guide you through your favourite positives and future plans.
  4. Email access to Lucy through out the three weeks to ensure all your questions are answered.
  5. A life, changing simple technique to ensure you carry on reducing your stress any time you need it!

Going through this program had so many benefits.  I feel happier, my thinking is clearer and I am tapping every day to clear any negative thoughts that are coming up.  My inner critic is much quieter these days!


Did you know?

We have between 40,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day and it is estimated that 90% of them are negative?  This means that for approximately every 5 negative thoughts we have most of us only have 1 positive one.  Together we can change that easily…

Let’s recharge your energy battery and see how your life changes!

You have got questions, I have got answers!

Here are some of the things that my clients ask, along with my responses!  

FAQ 1: Why do I need three sessions if I could learn it all in one?

Three sessions will enable you to make mistakes and get confused and be able to come back with your questions.  Over the span of 21 days you will have ingrained tapping as a habit in your life so you are more likely to keep it up.

FAQ 2: What will people think if they see me tapping?

I tap everywhere but most people tap at home where no one is watching.  I tap anywhere and everywhere and people are always fascinated when I tell them of the benefits.  If you are out and about and find yourself in a stressful situation you can take a few deep breaths and tap in your imagination.  It works wonderfully too!

FAQ 3: What if I forget how to tap and get it wrong?

The amazing thing about tapping is that so long as you are doing it you cannot get it wrong.  If you miss a point, you will get it next time.  The vibrations are working through your system so even if you are not exactly on the point it will still work.

FAQ 4: I don’t see my question, where can I get an answer?

If you didn’t get the answer you were looking for in these FAQs I am happy to personally address your question.  Please do not hesitate to email me at

Your Positive Life is only 21 days away.  Don’t wait another second to start.

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Still have some questions? Book a FREE Mini Tapping Transformation Call with Lucy to get them all answered and give tapping a try…

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified medical practitioner. Any advice given is not meant to replace any medical procedures or treatment. I do not diagnose conditions and all therapies are meant to complement medical treatments. Always consult a medical practitioner if you have any health issues.